Text or call (256) 604-0776

4240 Balmoral Drive

Huntsville, AL  35801

THE STUDIO entrance and parking on the right side of the J&H building.

CORE CONTROL (Accommodations) A reformer based class that minimizes impact while maximizing strength potential based on your individual ability.Your instructor will help you improve range of motion, balance, and strength while avoiding injury. THE STUDIO asks clients recovering from injury or with a chronic issue to please choose this class as we can accommodate your workout for optimal benefits. Clients interested in this class should call THE STUDIO at 256-604-0776 for an initial evaluation.

CORE FOCUS A reformer based class designed to work the whole body with focus on a particular muscle group- a STUDIO approach that gets results! This class is appropriate for all clients interested in THE STUDIO's unique reformer work, which is modified to meet your individual fitness needs. At the end of your Core Focus class you will have worked your abs, arms, and glutes... but one of those muscle groups will begging for mercy!!

CORE FOCUS RUN  THE STUDIO favorite, this class combines "running" on the jumpboard with muscle work.  "Running" with the use of slastix and hand weights, gets your heart rate up in a low impact, fun way. The muscle work is concentrated, so you really 'get' the work.  This is the best class we offer for burning calories and shaping muscles.

STUDIO STRETCHING This class is designed to use the reformer to safely and effectively position your body for maximum stretching benefits. Flexibility is important for healthy muscles, and athletes have seen improvement in their performance by adding stretching to their training. Everyone will feel so good after this class your body will thank you!