When did you begin taking classes at THE STUDIO?

I had both knees replaced in 2013, six months apart.  Todd Hayes, of Johnson and Hayes, was my physical therapist with both replacements.  I finished my second physical therapy in September and began taking Pilates classes two weeks later in October 2013.

Why did you choose THE STUDIO? 

I shared my hopes with Todd about my long range "game plan" for a better and improved me following my surgeries.   It included weight loss, regaining my strength, mobility, flexibility, improving my overall health, and enjoying life once again.  Quite a tall order, I do admit, but I was so ready.  I began my diet and started eating better.  I just wasn't sure of the best way to exercise to rebuild my body?  Todd told me about THE STUDIO and classes that were offered.  He explained the overall program and really encouraged me to give it a try.  I had never done any exercise program but I knew it was time to correct that.   So, I began classes, thanks to Todd and his support.


What improvements have you seen in your physical abilities since coming to THE STUDIO?  

Where do I start?   I am able to move once again!   I have found my Pilates classes have enhanced my overall well being both physically and mentally.  I have gained strength, flexibility, and range of motion that I haven't had for such a long time.  I have learned the importance of a strong core and spine with improved posture.  It has helped me loose the weight I needed to loose.   I leave class feeling renewed and full of energy.  That translates into a better quality of life, better health, and more fun!


What would you say to someone considering taking a class at THE STUDIO?

 If you want to improve your health and quality of life, this is the place.   At THE STUDIO you will find a wonderful, supportive staff with a keen knowledge of the body.  They will  safely instruct you throughout your workouts, regardless of your limitations.  The program and equipment are excellent and the results phenomenal.  I highly recommend it !




Susan Siniard



When did you begin taking classes at THE STUDIO?

I previously enjoyed private lessons with Jenny Freeman while THE STUDIO was under construction.  So, I guess you could say I was part of THE STUDIO before it even opened.  After a short hiatus,  I decided to forgo the private lessons and joined a Core Focus class under the instruction of Dawn Chenault.  

 Why did you choose THE STUDIO?

The instructors are terrific.  Both Dawn and Jenny are extremely motivating, encouraging you push yourself a little more each week, while ensuring your safety and overall wellbeing.   I also love the flexibility of the class schedule.  There are several options for classes each week and you are able to sign up even an hour beforehand.  Sometimes, plans change and you realize you have a free hour in your day.  You can simply go on-line, sign up and fill that time with some extra ab work.  

 What improvements have you seen in your physical abilities since coming to THE STUDIO?  

While focusing on your core, Pilates also strengthens your back, legs and arms, and also improves overall flexibility.   One of the biggest changes I have seen, strangely enough, is in my golf swing.  By strengthening my core and improving my flexibility,  I am able to hit the ball much farther and with more consistency than ever before.  I love playing golf and this just makes it even more enjoyable and less frustrating.  

 What is your favorite exercise?

I can't say I really have a favorite exercise.  I enjoy most anything on the reformer.

What would you say to someone considering taking a class at THE STUDIO?

 If you have never taken a Pilates class before, don't be afraid to join one of the classes at THE STUDIO.  You will be amazed at how quickly you see results and will be moving to more advanced exercises before you know it.   If you are a golfer, I promise you will see improvement on your game!  



1. When did you begin taking classes at THE STUDIO? I started classes regularly at THE STUDIO with Dawn in January 2013. I have also trained with Lauren and Jane. They all offer a variety of challenging classes. 
2. HS has a variety of gyms. Why did you choose THE STUDIO? 
I have been a runner for 8 years and struggle with recurring overuse injuries. I was referred to THE STUDIO by a friend, but chose to stay because THE STUDIO is a great low-impact, strengthening addition to my fitness routine. 
3. How has your body improved since you started with us?
My core strength is remarkably improved. Not just "ABS", but obliques, glutes and lower back. It's not just physical. I just feel better mentally after spending an hour withmy classmates and instructors in a fun and energetic environment. 
4. What is your favorite class at THE STUDIO
My favorite class is anything involving the reformer, especially leg cables. It is a fun (yes FUN) way to strengthen, lengthen and stretch your muscles while building cardio endurance. It's pretty much the perfect machine! Although, the TRX is a close second! 
5. What three words best describe THE STUDIO? BODY BY DAWN or TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME
6. What would you say to someone considering taking a class at The Studio?There is no reason not to try it. The instructors are welcoming and take a personal interest in you and your health and injury history. I have chronic neck pain and the instructors modify every exercise to prevent further injury and strengthen my weak areas. Every exercise can be modified to fit YOUR fitness level. YOU NEVER FEEL INTIMIDATED OR OVERWHELMED. There is something for everyone at THE STUDIO.



Huntsville has a variety of gyms. Why THE STUDIO?

I really liked the instructors at The Studio. I felt that the instructors  got to know me and the particular issues that my body had, including an old injury. They were  able to train me where I was at the time, and help me modify exercises to strengthen me in my weakest areas and help to prevent future injuries.

How has your body improved since you started with us?

Honestly, it's difficult to describe the difference. I have exercised throughout my adult life from training for a triathlon to taking zumba classes. However, I never really addressed an injury that I had early in life and was frequently doing exercises the wrong way. So all of my attempts to exercise for good health were actually doing damage to me. At THE STUDIO, I have learned the right way to do the moves and learned exercises to strengthen my weakest muscle groups so that all my muscles, hopefully, are working to do the job they were intended to do. I have grown so much stronger overall and have a lot fewer aches and pains. I'm even an inch taller officially at the doctor after all of the stretching and exercising on the Pilates reformer because my posture has improved so much.


What is your favorite class at THE STUDIO?

Well, I always have a difficult time picking favorites...I love the exercises involving the Pilates reformer machine and the TRX. Both of these were new to me and I love the results I get from them.

What three words best describe THE STUDIO?

Dynamic. Challenging. Fun.

What would you say to someone considering taking a class at THE STUDIO?

Come on and join the fun! You will enjoy yourself and love the results!