Text or call (256) 604-0776

4240 Balmoral Drive

Huntsville, AL  35801

THE STUDIO entrance and parking on the right side of the J&H building.



So you've heard all about THE STUDIO and how you can safely transform into a healthy, strong body- now what do you do?  

To make the most of your Reformer Pilates experience, THE STUDIO recommends a free demo*. During this one hour demonstration, you will learn the basics of the Allegro 2 reformer, proper alignment, breathing, and basic reformer movements.  You can then safely move into private sessions or our transition classes- whichever fits your needs the best.

Please fill out the intake form and we will contact you to set up your demo.  Intake Form


If you are recovering from an injury or need to take your fitness program a little slower, the free demo is a must for you. Text or call our hotline at 256-604-0776 and a friendly STUDIO instructor will contact you as soon as possible.


Several of you have asked about training your child- especially if they are serious about a specific sport.  For safety reasons, we ask that 16 years be the youngest age that joins a class.  If you would like a child younger than 16 in THE STUDIO, please call to set up Private, Duo or Trio training. We do offer workshops/classes for teams or small groups of all ages. No matter what the age- they will need a free Demo to get started.