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4240 Balmoral Drive

Huntsville, AL  35801

THE STUDIO entrance and parking on the right side of the J&H building.

 New Classes at THE STUDIO

You asked for it, and we listened. 

THE STUDIO has added your favorite classes and new ones to get you the body you have always wanted.


These 45 minute classes are designed to concentrate the work to shape and tone the legs, glutes, arms and abs.  Perfect for supplementing the Core Focus RUN class or any cardio routine.  

Packages are available for Express classes or pay as you go.  

Tuesdays are EXPRESS Legs and Glutes

Thursdays are EXPRESS Arms and Abs

$15 for each class

(cannot be deducted from regular class package)

Core Stretch

Feel better than you ever have after this stretching class.  

You will use the reformer to move your body, leaving you feeling stretched, relaxed, and mobile.

Core Focus RUN

This is a STUDIO favorite, so we added more to the schedule!

Core Focus RUN is a unique combination of "running" on the jumpboard and muscle work.  

This blend of cardio and muscle work produces the most visible changes you will see in your body.




Here at THE STUDIO we fuse classic Reformer based Pilates with other body strengthening work such as TRX, Springboards & Jumpboards.  We have developed an intelligent exercise that not only sculpts a beautiful body but allows for decompression of the spine as well as stretching and strengthening of the body.

THE STUDIO uses Pilates Reformers along with spring boards, TRX, and other equipment for the best Pilates workout in Huntsville.

We believe that regular Pilates can enhance the well-being of the body AND mind.  Our Pilates method is highly efficient as it works the body as a whole and combines the use of the breath with the activation of the inner muscles of the body's core. 

 At THE STUDIO your core will always be active and it won't take long for you to start noticing a change!