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4240 Balmoral Drive

Huntsville, AL  35801

THE STUDIO entrance and parking on the right side of the J&H building.


THE STUDIO is excited to offer a course specifically for runners.  

The focus of STUDIO Specialty - Runners is to bring balance to a runner's body by strengthening glutes, hamstrings and abs, [muscles that are usually weak for runners], and to stretch overused running muscles.  This Specialty class will help runners prevent injury and improve running time and efficiency.

 Interested?  Click on Front Desk in top corner and register for STUDIO Specialty- Runners or call 256-604-0776 for more information.

NEW SCHEDULING SOFTWARE:  Please note that THE STUDIO is no long using Mind Body for scheduling.  We are now using software called Front Desk HQ, available here Existing clients received an email to sign up in Front Desk.  If you have problems scheduling a class, go here and Sign Up for an account if you don't already have one or call THE STUDIO.



Here at THE STUDIO we fuse classic Reformer based Pilates with other body strengthening work such as TRX, Springboards & Jumpboards.  We have developed an intelligent exercise that not only sculpts a beautiful body but allows for decompression of the spine as well as stretching and strengthening of the body.

THE STUDIO uses Pilates Reformers along with spring boards, TRX, and other equipment for the best Pilates workout in Huntsville.

We believe that regular Pilates can enhance the well-being of the body AND mind.  Our Pilates method is highly efficient as it works the body as a whole and combines the use of the breath with the activation of the inner muscles of the body's core. 

 At THE STUDIO your core will always be active and it won't take long for you to start noticing a change!