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4240 Balmoral Drive

Huntsville, AL  35801

THE STUDIO entrance and parking on the right side of the J&H building.

In June, 2012, Scott Johnson and Todd Hayes opened THE STUDIO at Johnson & Hayes as an affiliate of Johnson & Hayes Physical Therapists.  After years of treating patients in the physical therapy clinic, Scott and Todd saw the need for a specialized fitness studio where clients could be assured that their programs were designed with their individual concerns in mind by someone highly trained in rehabilitation of orthopedic pathology, biomechanical efficiency in athletic performance and injury prevention in all stages of life.

The organization of The STUDIO provides an ideal environment for the personalized training provided by our expert instructors, and includes areas for private and group training. Everything is designed to enhance your exercise experience and support your fitness, strength and wellness goals.

In THE STUDIO you will find a variety of exercise apparatus including Allegro Reformers, Towers of Power, TRX Suspension Trainers, hand and ankle weights, exercise balls, Bosu balls, foam rollers, and Slastix resistance bands. All of our instructors work together to create an experience that is innovative, fun and gives you the results you want.